Welcome to JAMES Software Development

Customizing Your JEOL Transmission Electron Microscope For Your Application

JAMES stands for JEOL Automated Microscopy Expert System. It is a library for writing applications in C++ or Python to control a transmission electron microscope. With it you can rapidly protype applications that do exactly what you want them to do. In fact, the Mr. T package from the NCMI is one such application.

Python has been the unifying language here at the NCMI and JAMES is no exception. With python the image processing power of EMAN can be combined with imaging on a JEOL electron microscope for rapid development of applications that do exactly what your experments need them to do.

Currently FasTEM Based JEOL Microscopes are supported, this includes 2010, 2010F, 3010, 3000F, 4010, and 1010 series microscopes. Here at the NCMI we have a 2010F and an 3000SSF so we have only tested the software on these two scopes, but we expect that it should work on other FasTEM capable microsocpes. With the arrival of a 3200SFF we plan to make JAMES work on the next generation of JEOL microscopes as well.

At this stage only Gatan Cameras are supported for digital image acquistion, along with the film camera built into most JEOL TEMs. If anyone has access to another camera and wants to write a plugin for their detector, please download the source distribution.