Steven J. Ludtke

sludtke -at- bcm -dot- edu


My group focuses on electron cryomicroscopy (cryo-EM), a technique permitting 3-D visualization and reconstruction of biological molecules and other structures at resolutions as high as ~3.5 A (0.35 nm). My group develops the popular EMAN2 scientific image processing software suite. While it was initially developed for single particle analysis, it has found a range of other uses as well. My group also develops the EMEN2 electronic lab notebook and object oriented database system, in use by ~1000 users worldwide. We are also involved in a wide range of structural biology projects, including membrane channel proteins, chaperonins, HDL/LDL, ribosomes, apoptosis complexes, virus-antibody complexes, and many others.


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Open-source Software Development

Current Projects:


Complete scientific image processing software suite with complete graphical interface and Python bindings. Focused mainly on
cryo-EM, but now also seeing use in other disciplines. Integrated workflows exist for:
  • Single particle reconstruction
  • Single particle tomography
  • Random conical tilt
  • Tilt validation
  • 2-D population dynamics

The original version of my group's single particle reconstruction software package.

A web-based Object Oriented Database and Electronic Lab notebook solution. The NCMI instance of this database has ~20 TB of data
and over 800 users, but it is also used in other labs. In addition to serving as an electronic lab notebook, it is also well suited
to be used as a general purpose object oriented database and content management system for small to medium scale installations.

Previously developed software, no longer actively maintained:

A xforms-based program for interactve image processing of electron micrographs.
Useful, but most of its functionality has been subsumed by EMAN.
Nongraphical electron microscopy image format converter. (also see proc2d in EMAN)
Converts Zeiss .tld files to MRC format.
A multidimensional plotting and data analysis program
NXPlot3d 3.1
An easy to use 3d plotting program (data and functions)
MolViewer 0.92
A molecule viewing and manipulation program
Houston Interactive Restaurant Database (discontinued)
A database of the restaurants in the Houston area with real time searching and user provided data with an interactive Java client with map.

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