empgm v0.1 by Steve Ludtke


Empgm is a simple tool for converting images from various electron microscopy formats to the standard 'pgm' format. This format is supported by most image viewing and editing programs including 'xv' and the popular 'netppm' package.Currently it will read 'MRC', 'IMAGIC' and 'ScansALot' files. Images can optionally be fourier transformed (within empgm). More image processing features will be added in later versions. This program is actually a subset of 'emtool', a graphical program for analysis of electron microscopy data. It is available in 3 forms (use your right mouse button and select 'Save link as') :

Standard C++ source

Linux (x86) binary

SGI (-n32) binary

Please read the A.README.1st file after downloading. All 3 files are provided as '.tgz' files. These are standard tar files which have been compressed with the GNU 'gzip' program. People with a current version of GNU tar can extract the files with 'tar -xvzf empgm.tgz'.

Questions/suggestions should be directed to the author: